Red Alerts – Scams


This page details notifications we have received on individuals and/ or organisations that have been fraudulently using or associating themselves with the identity of this company.

The aim of these fraudsters is to dupe innocent members of the public into engaging with and instructing them on unauthorised (sometimes inaccurate) legal advice; causing financial loss and in some cases loss in the opportunity to properly pursue a legal remedy.

Elborne Mitchell does not authorise any unapproved use of the company information and takes all matters of fraudulent use of our details and/ or scams linked to the company seriously.  Elborne Mitchell will report such instances to the SRA Red Alert Team and work with the regulator and authorities in their investigations.

Is my email from Elborne Mitchell Solicitors genuine? What do I do?

If the email id from which an email came from does not end with, this this is not a genuine email from Elborne Mitchell Solicitors. Do not open any attachments or links contained therein and delete such emails received. It is a good practice to avoid clicking on any links in emails that you are not expecting to receive. If you wish to notify us of any concerns you have then please use this Contact Us Page > Data Protection.

How to Report Scams/ Fraud to Elborne Mitchell:

If you have been contacted by/ or aware of an individual you believe is fraudulently linking themselves and/ or using Elborne Mitchell details; please report the matter with full details to our Risk and Compliance Team on:

The Risk and Compliance Team are responsible for looking into such matters and reporting them to the appropriate authorities.

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