Navigating Sanctions: Latest Developments

Speakers: Alexandra Booth and Andy Stevenson | Coming Up 17 January 2020

Time: 12noon to 1pm
Venue: ACORD Conference Suite,

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A Bird’s Eye View of Regulatory Pitfalls

Speakers: Alexandra Booth and Mark Estafanous | Presented 26 January 2018

In this talk we aim to demystify the Senior Managers & Certification Regime and to give a guiding hand as to obligations, duties and steps required by 2018’s brand new regulatory pitfalls in the form of the GDPR and the Insurance Distribution Directive.

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Sale and purchase of brokers and intermediaries: considerations for buyer, seller and third parties

Speakers: Tim Goodger and Sean Sydenham: Presented 6 September 2017

Looking at topical issues relating to the sale and purchase of insurance brokers and insurance intermediaries. It considers the structures for sale and purchase, how to remove barriers and avoid delays, as well as current due diligence and regulatory issues.

It addresses some hidden problems and potential future liabilities/obligations as well as the use of warranties, indemnities and representations.

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Causing Problems: Causation and Wear/Tear Exclusions in Property Claims

Speakers: Andy Stevenson and Gregory Butera: Presented 9 June 2017

This lecture aims to explain the principles and latest developments in a clear and concise way for anyone involved in property claims: insurers, brokers, adjusters, insureds, etc and covers causation, common coverage issues, common policy exclusions (such as wear and tear, corrosion and inherent vice) and gradual deterioration as seen in the recent case of Leeds Beckett University v Travelers Ins Co (April 2017).

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Compensation Culture Club: What the Courts have brought us in the last 6 months – is it just Karma, Chameleon?

Speaker: Ed Stanley: Presented 5 May 2017

A look underneath the issues that have arisen from some recent cases, including Aggregation of loss – is it still causing aggravation?, Professional negligence – is the professional responsible for all of your loss? Plus the perils of acting for friends, and what if the professional goes rogue?, Vicarious liability in tort claims – those awful office parties again and Motor Insurance – what is use of a vehicle and should we ask a driver if he is insured before he injures us?

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Discretionary Bonuses – To Pay or Not to Pay

Speakers: Mark Estafanous and Charlotte Berg: Presented 12 December 2016

This lecture provides an overview of different types of bonus schemes and the risks involved when exercising discretion over such bonuses. The lecture will also examine the development in associated legal principles and shall provide guidance as to whether the Courts will interfere with an employer’s discretion.

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It Might as Well Rain Until September

Speaker: Ed Stanley: Presented 7 September 2016

A selection of cases from 2016 of particular interest to the insurance world. A number of Supreme Court cases concerning vicarious liability and fraudulent claims. Ex turpi causa is back in vogue, as is proximate cause and we also have a few
interesting cases on contract terms.

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