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Area of Expertise: Trade & Commodities

We have long experience of advising clients on international sale of goods, including crude oil and its products, chemicals, coal, grain and feed, rice, edible oil, sugar, cocoa, metals and other materials and products of all types.

We advise on drafting of sale/purchase contracts and associated documentation. When issues arise during contract performance, we emphasise the importance of early proactive advice as problems evolve in order to avoid or minimise disputes without resort to proceedings or else to maximise the chances of success in any proceedings which ensue.

We have extensive experience of handling arbitrations before the leading commodity associations including LME, GAFTA, FOSFA, RSA, SAL, FCC, LCIA and ICC. We are also experienced in providing legal advice to commodity arbitrators. Typical cases handled include disputes over quality, force majeure, letters of credit, performance guarantees, demurrage and defaults of various kinds.

We also undertake Court proceedings when necessary and frequently coordinate proceedings worldwide to obtain (or resist) orders for security for claims, including cargo and vessel arrests and bank account attachments. Our clients include producers, manufacturers, mines, importers, exporters and international traders of all kinds.

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