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Elborne Mitchell LLP publishes regular updates and analysis on legal issues affecting our clients and the markets.

Here you can find all of our most recent publications and articles, as well as lectures and presentations given by Elborne Mitchell partners and staff.

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London Market | Sanctions
US sanctions prompt insurers to withdraw Nord Stream 2 cover
London Market | Sanctions
London Market urged to check latest US Sanctions against Russia
London Market
ECJ provides clarity on EU Blocking Regulation
Metallica sue Lloyd’s of London over COVID-19 claims

Publications & Articles

Legal Updates
Credit write-backs - why are they under scrutiny?
Re-start: the FCA sets out its stall for the forthcoming months and into 2021
Timothy Goodger (Partner) outlines the FCA's plans for the coming months.
Schemes: the creditors' perspective
Timothy Goodger (Partner) provides a reminder why creditors’/policyholders’ interests must not be overlooked for schemes.
Lloyd’s Part VII transfer to LIC SA sanctioned by the High Court
Covid – 19 and the FCA test case Supreme Court decision – what does it mean for reinsurance recoveries?
Partners Tim Brentnall and Alex Booth look at the FCA test case Supreme Court decision and what it means for aggregation of Covid-19 reinsurance recoveries.


Monitoring and reporting on appointed representatives
The FCA and Overseas Appointed Representatives
Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Act 2003
The UK Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Act – Key Changes
Employment | Legal Updates
Exploring Belief Discrimination and Freedom of Speech in the Workplace
Legal Updates
Implications of the NSIA 2021

Lectures & Presentations

Causing Problems: Causation and Wear/Tear Exclusions in Property Claims


Andy Stevenson and Gregory Butera


Presented 9 June 2017
This lecture aims to explain the principles and latest developments in a clear and concise way for anyone involved in property claims: insurers, brokers, adjusters, insureds, etc and covers causation, common coverage issues, common policy exclusions (such as wear and tear, corrosion and inherent vice) and gradual deterioration as seen in the recent case of Leeds Beckett University v Travelers Ins Co (April 2017).
Sale and purchase of brokers and intermediaries: considerations for buyer, seller and third parties


Tim Goodger and Sean Sydenham


Presented 6 September 2017
Looking at topical issues relating to the sale and purchase of insurance brokers and insurance intermediaries. It considers the structures for sale and purchase, how to remove barriers and avoid delays, as well as current due diligence and regulatory issues.
Employment | Insurance | Reinsurance
A Bird’s Eye View of Regulatory Pitfalls


Alexandra Booth and Mark Estafanous


Presented 26 January 2018
A new year and another round of regulatory pitfalls to keep Senior Managers and Compliance Officers well and truly on their toes. In this talk we aim to demystify the Senior Managers & Certification Regime and to give a guiding hand as to obligations, duties and steps required by 2018’s brand new regulatory pitfalls in the form of the GDPR and the Insurance Distribution Directive.

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